Change default start location for Git Bash on Windows

Git Bash is set up to start at your home location on Windows. That’s usually something like C:\Users\your_name. If your repos are not under your home path, you’ll have to do a lot of navigating every time you open Git Bash to get to them. Not a terrible thing, but why waste the few precious seconds when you can set up Git Bash to start at the exact folder you need it to.

  1. In Windows 10, search for Git Bash
  2. Click on Open File Location
  3. In the folder that opens, right click on Git Bash and click Properties
  4. Go to the Shortcut tab
  5. Remove the –cd-to-home from the Target field
  6. Put the start path you want in the Start in field
  7. Hit Apply

That’s it. Next time you run Git Bash it will start at C:\Workspace

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