The bulk of my project list consist of Python tools for ArcGIS Toolbox, add-ins and extensions for ArcMap built with ArcObjects and .NET and web mapping applications using Microsoft Silverlight. I have written quite a few applications, from small to large, but due to customer confidentiality, I will only list below the ones to which I have rights.

Indoor Routing with Xamarin iOS – 2017

Indoor Routing is a customizable, open source example app I built for Esri using Xamarin iOS to showcase the .NET Runtime API. The app uses a number of geo technologies including locators, routing, definition expressions and spatial queries. The app works fully offline making use of Esri’s Mobile Map Packages to download and store map data.

View GitHub Repo

ESRI Hackathon 2013 Winning Application

This application was built at a hackathon competition. We had a team of 3 developers and 20 hours to build whatever we wanted, as long as it used Riverside County data and had some potential real world use. View here the page of the application, and watch the video below for a full demo we did on the main stage during the conference.

ESRI Hackathon 2014 Winning Application

Our second year in a row hackathon we built an application to help citizens of Riverside county find their way to voting booths. The rules were the same as the previous year, use County of Riverside data and have potential real world use. Here is the page of the application we submitted.

iOS Simulator Screenshot

iOS Simulator Screenshot

Houston Area Farmers Markets

In my own personal experience I discovered that finding farmers markets in the Houston area is not an easy task. So using ArcGIS online, we (my finacé and I) created this application to aid people in the Houston area in finding healthy, local food and support the local economy. Click on the image blow to go to the full application.


City of Houston Hackathon 2015 – ESRI Award Winning Application

Built for the 2015 City of Houston Hackathon, Houston Community Eats allows searching for restaurants by nationality and seeing where there is a concentration of restaurants of the same type. Generally, that denotes an area where a certain culture has settled, and increases the chances of finding that elusive “authentic” international food. The site also aggregates Google, Yelp and Houston Health Department Inspection scores to provide everyone with a better picture of not only what type of food they are getting, but the quality, the experience, and the cleanliness of the place. Click on the image blow to go to the full application.


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