Mara’s ability to take abstract ideas and develop them into rich and cohesive products is a great asset for the company. Mara always looks for the best possible way to architect the projects she is involved with and pushes the limits of the technology set provided.
Heath Wallis

Mara has worked on several projects that I am involved with. She created a Silverlight interface for several ArcGIS applications. Mara is hard working, creative and does exceptional work. She is a great asset.
Tom Koscelny

I would highly recommend Mara. When Mara and I work together, she showed great technical knowledge when planning, designing and implementing a complex E&P, GIS solution for SAMSON Investment company. Her knowedge and attention to detail increased quality of the project.
Trey Quintero

Mara is a very skilled programmer. During the project we collaborated on I appreciated her high degree of programming expertise, her attention to detail in providing the exact, custom product I needed and her efficiency by completing the project in much less time than I expected.
Kristen Lese

Mara is very computer savvy and also knows how to teach others. Mara helped me learn complicated computer programs in a short amount of time to help me through my internship at Samson. She was also very organized and was willing to help me with any projects I needed to get done in order to complete my summer project.
Adam Jekel