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Adding new SQL Server DB user

Creating a new SQL Server DB user is one of those tasks I do often enough that I get frustrated that I don’t remember how to do it, but not often enough to actually remember it. And for some reason,

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Change default start location for Git Bash on Windows

Git Bash is set up to start at your home location on Windows. That’s usually something like C:\Users\your_name. If your repos are not under your home path, you’ll have to do a lot of navigating every time you open Git

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37 App – A mobile app development story – Part 2

In the previous chapter of this story I talked about prototyping my 37 App – an app I’m building to help me learn new, not so common words. I had mentioned a database that would contain the words, their definitions

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37 App – A mobile app development story – Part 1

I want to increase my vocabulary, there’s an app for that, right? Well, there are several, but none did what I wanted. My Spanish teacher back in college told us once that you need to hear a word 37 times

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Helpful Git Commands

I feel like I’m looking up how to do things in Git more often than anything else. It’s all sunshine and roses if all you do is make changes, commit them, and solve a few merge conflicts here and there.

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Exporting Data Driven Pages in Extent

With the introduction of Data Driven Pages, ESRI has made creating Map Books a breeze. You create the index layer which represents a grid, enable data driven pages, export to PDF and you have Map Book. Details here: But what

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